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Monday, March 23, 2015

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (Target Mice and Insects) Review

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (Target Mice and Insects) Review

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***My Personal Revew***

A plug in pest repellent that you can use anywhere in your house you need it?  Ummm yes please!  I live in a small 2 BR apartment and I am very lucky that I don't have bugs because they spray very well outside, but for some reason I have these teeny tiny ants that are only on the linoleum areas of the apartment (the kitchen, bathroom and dining area).  Still have not figured out why they are in the bathroom when there is no food in there, but that is my luck!  Anyways, I love this repellent - you just plug it in and you can turn it on on off with the flip of a switch and it's great because there are NO chemicals involved.  I have an 8 year old daughter with special needs and I hate putting traps and stuff around the house, you just never know where she might be able to get into.  But this she has no idea what it is, so she leaves it alone.  I cannot hear anything when it is plugged in but the sound waves it creates are at a level that repel insects and mice and other pests.  It has worked amazingly in my kitchen!  I put it in there because that is where the food is at, and the ants have not shown back up which is amazing!  I need one of these in every room of my place now!  Besides all the above, this is NOT just a pest repellent - it also has a setting you can switch on for negative ion and O3 levels.  Now if you have allergies or asthma you might recognize these as they filter out the bacteria and nasties in the air.  I have both of these as well as anxiety, and that is why I want another one of these in my desk area and bedroom so that it will help me feel better all around.  These are expensive at $55.99 on Amazon but very much worth it with the many uses they have :)

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