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Sunday, March 22, 2015

IPhone 6 Primed4U Case Review

IPhone 6 Primed4U Case Review

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***My Personal Review***

First off, I LOVE the volume buttons on this case!  I have such a problem with most cases because you have to struggle to find the buttons - but not with this case!  They don't stick out but they do jut out just enough to be able to utilize them very easily.  Especially for people with larger hands like me :)  This case is sleek and smooth and I am not usually a fan of solid color cases but I do like the way this feels, it really hugs the phone and provides a nice grip to reduce slippage and drops.  It still has all the cutouts for ports, jacks and the camera - everything is exactly cut to size - this is NOT a cheap knockoff, it is definitely a high quality and sturdy case for your iPhone 6.  It has just a slight lip that comes up and over the top of the phone, but does not get in the way and keeps your phone snugly in the case.  It just gives it that little extra protection.  This is made ONLY to fit the iPhone 6 4.7 inch, it will not fit the 6S.  It does come with a lifetime guarantee, so keep that in mind when purchasing that you will always have that guarantee.  Honestly if you have a black phone people might not even notice you HAVE a case on it unless they look closely :)

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