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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Money Belt for Travel Review

Money Belt for Travel Review

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***My Personal Review***

What a great belt for anyone to wear for any purpose - like going to theme parks, malls, vacations where you want to ensure your money is close to you and safe from thieves or loss.  Comes with 2 straps, orange and green so it's unisex too :)  The pouch itself is much longer than any belt I have seen, so it can hold ALL of your stuff like your keys, cards, cash and even cell phone safely.  I could see this working for waitresses too if they want something that is larger and easier to use.  And the pouch is also thin so that unless you stuff it pretty full you will be able to hide this very easily under your shirt - no one will even see it.  It is made of very durable material and the strap clips are very hard plastic so they won't break even under pressure.  The interior of the pouch is a nice cool mesh that will keep you from sweating while wearing this belt.  And one other thing that I think is VERY cool about this belt is that it protects your cards and passports from being scanned by RFID shielding technology that is woven into the cloth!  How cool is that?  This technology is keeping up with the thieves :)  Just $12.95 at Amazon which makes it very inexpensive compared to the old money belts that don't hold well and don't have a lot of space.  Pick a few up now and protect yourself!

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