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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cyntronix Portable Battery Charger Review

Cyntronix Portable Battery Charger Review

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***My Personal Review***

I have several portable battery chargers, and this one is the lightest and largest capacity with 9000 mAh power.  I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII and it will charge that as well as my Galaxy Tab 4 AND my daughters iPad 2 on ONE SINGLE CHARGE :)  That to me is excellent!  My phone and her iPad are the two devices that tend to run out of power more quickly.  I can carry this in my purse and if we are somewhere that I can't plug in I can just hook it up to my phone and charge wherever!  Walking down the street even!  One of the best features of this is that you can charge 2 devices at once - so if I forget a power cord at home I can charge them up no problem.  Plus this comes with a cord for you too and if you are like me you like to have about 30 power cords laying around in case something happens :)  If you have ever had a small portable hard drive this is about the same size just thinner and lighter.  Just keep this plugged in when you are home and keep it charged, grab it when you leave and you know you are safe from power drains.  The guarantee doesn't hurt either :)  Just $35.99 on Amazon and you can have power whenever and wherever you want.

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