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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Berry Sleepy - The 100% Fruit Sleep Aid Review

Berry Sleepy - The 100% Fruit Sleep Aid Review

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***My Personal Review***

Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep and end up tired and cranky every day because of it?  Are you afraid to take over the counter sleep aids because they are unsafe or don't want to get addicted to prescription sleep aids?  Berry Sleepy is all natural and 100% fruit sleep aid and really works well :)  It comes in a gorgeous colorful bottle and it is "jam" packed full of all the superfruits we are always hearing about on the news such as Goji Berries, Cherries and Passion Fruits.  Now I have heard a lot about these superfruits but I never realized that they would have an effect on my sleep.  I have been on Ambien for about 4 years now and it helps but I honestly hate that I have to use it.  But if I don't use it I literally can't turn my mind off to sleep - I will lay there for hours and end up not getting any sleep at all - and if I do sleep it's very restless.  So I decided to try these and see if they worked.  If they didn't nothing to lose right?  I found that within a few days I could take one about the same time I took my Ambien (an hour before bedtime) and I actually DID start to feel sleepy!  I have never come across anything before that did that without taking my prescription - even melatonin has not worked like that for me!  This has been tested extensively and is recommended by physicians and you can see their success stories on their website.  I am thrilled with the results of this sleep aid and I highly recommend giving it a shot - the ONLY restriction I can see is if you aren't allowed to or are allergic to fruits.  Good luck with your trial of Berry Sleepy :)

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