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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

IPhone 6 Case Review

IPhone 6 Case Review

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***My Personal Review***

This sleek and clear case will fit all your needs for your iPhone 6.  It is ultra-slim and very stylish but completely clear - so that no one (not even you) will realize you have a case on your phone!  It has everything you need including cutouts for all speakers, jacks and ports and as you can see from the images from the back you can't even tell there is anything there.  But it WILL keep your phone safe from damage because it's tougher than it looks.  I kind of took the case for a test drive without my phone to see how well it would hold up and dropped it, threw it and smashed it ... and there wasn't even a nick on it to show anything had happened!  If you are going to pay upwards of $500 for your phone then you better make sure you have a really good sturdy case on it.  And if you are like me you don't want the big bulky cases because your phone is so slim - you want a case that hugs it and still provides the safety.  Definitely a must-have if you love clear cases :)  Plus it also comes with a free screen protector and these work great for keeping your screen looking great :)

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