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Friday, March 20, 2015

Teether Necklaces and Bracelets Review

Teether Necklaces and Bracelets Review




***My Personal Review***

My daughter still has a thing for binkies - she has Williams syndrome and is 8 so I am really trying to wean her from them - but she literally gets anxiety attacks when she can't find them :(  So finding a substitute for the binkies that she can wear and chew on it a must for me lately.  These necklaces and bracelets are perfect - she got all different colors and types from hard to softer and she really loves them!  I am thrilled with them, they haven't completely gotten her to give up the binkies yet but they are working for her during the day and the nice part is she can use them at school and wherever else we go and no one looks at her strangely or complains.  They look like real pieces of jewelry so they are awesome for any kid, especially ones who are into dress up because they think they are so beautiful!  They come in all different colors - I received 3 sets to try, I had 2 necklaces, 3 bracelets and 3 regular chewie toys in the shape of regular toys :)  I definitely recommend these for babies but they can also be great for kids like my daughter who are still teething at an older age or have sensory issues!  Check out all 3 links to get all the sets!  They are all BPA free and made of food grade silicone but you don't have to worry about the orthodontic problems associated with binkies and these contain NO chemicals and they are large enough for mom to wear them so they don't get lost if your baby likes to be held a lot :)

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