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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case Review

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***My Personal Review***

When you spend upwards of $400.00 on a phone that doubles as a tablet you definitely want something that will protect it.  But a lot of people like me don't like the big bulky cases - but you can still get something very rugged and sturdy without having a thick heavy case.  This Galaxy Note 4 case is great, it comes in 8 trim colors, has cutouts for all the jacks and ports and the camera, and you can just look at it and feel it to tell it WILL protect your Note as much as is possible.  It is sturdy but also flexible so that if dropped it will act like rubber and help stop cracking and shocks to your Note.  This case even has a built-in stand up tab on the back that is flat and you don't even realize it is there until you pull it out - and you can stand your Note up on it's side for all of your computer or tablet needs.  You can't beat this case for the price of about $9.99 on Amazon.  The colors are really vibrant and it makes your case stand out but it's not so bulky that it won't fit into your purse or pocket.  This is an awesome way to protect your investment because no one wants to spend that kind of money without a backup plan!

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