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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

River Kitchen Digital Meat Thermometer Review

River Kitchen Digital Meat Thermometer Review

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***My Personal Review***

I have never had a meat thermometer before and I am 38.  Yep!  I cook without one and I always think "I need to get one of those" but never have before.  So when this came up I decided to try it because I really wanted one - with a young daughter I really have to be very careful about making sure meat is completely done.  So I can't really compare this to other thermometers but I did find this one very easy to use - it has a nice long stick so even if you are cooking something very large like a turkey you can still reach the middle quickly and easily.  The readout is awesome, it is all digital so no waiting for the temp gauge to go up like the old days.  It reads out the temp and you can choose Fahrenheit or Celcius whichever you prefer, and it only has 3 buttons on it.  It has a hold button so that if you stick it in and can't read it right away you can just hit that button and it will keep the temperature on the screen for you.  It also comes with it's own little "case" for the stick part so you can clean it and when you put it in the drawer it won't become full of bacteria while in the holder.  Very nice item, I am really using it a lot and enjoying it.  It shipped quickly and the company has been very good at customer service :)

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