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Monday, March 23, 2015

Business Card Holder Review

Business Card Holder Review

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***My Personal Review***

With two businesses I really needed a great business card holder that would hold enough of each card for when I was out and about so that I didn't need to refill them every day.  This is a very pretty and stylish case, I received the red color - I love the way it looks and it is really slim but holds a lot of cards for me.  Made of leather and stainless steel it is very sturdy and will last a long time - this would make a great gift for anyone who uses business cards or for employees.  You can carry up to 17 cards in this holder and it has a case inside so that the cards won't slide or fall out - and it comes with a money back guarantee - and it will definitely keep all of your cards crisp and clean so that you look great pulling this out and handing someone your card :)  I guarantee people will be jealous of your awesome business card holder!  It definitely looks like something a CEO would be carrying around :)

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