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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Discover the Secret to Blast Fat! Speed Jump Rope Review

Discover the Secret to Blast Fat! Speed Jump Rope Review

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***My Personal Review***

Who doesn't remember jumping rope games when they were a kid?  In school we used to have all the songs we would sing and we could do the double ropes and all that jazz.  Yeah can't do that now LOL  But I am wanting to get fit and lose weight so I thought this would be a great way to start because I want to be able to do those things again :)  This is a great jump rope for adults, it's not like the old cheap jump ropes we used as kids.  It is very sturdy and easy to grip and even though I am having a bit of a hard time re-learning it I am finding it very fun and a great way to get a small workout in.  My daughter enjoys using a smaller jump rope and doing it with me, she thinks it's awesome that mommy is doing the same thing she does at school :)  I didn't know the exact stats but apparently 10 minutes of jump roping can provide the same calorie burn as 30 mins of slow cardio.  Now for me and my crazy schedule saving that 20 minutes is great!

This is also a "speed" rope which means it has special bearings that allow it to go much faster than a regular jump rope.  Now I can't go that fast yet but I am working up to it.  I am sure it will be great though because it is VERY well-built - you can tell just by looking at it and holding it that it is sturdy.  Plus remember those jump ropes we had in school?  How they would get tangled and you had to turn your hands to keep them going?  Well you don't have to do that with this rope as the handles will turn up to 90 degrees to move with you and make it much easier to use.  Plus you get a free nylon bag for the rope and it comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer guarantee.  Can't beat it!  If you are looking to work out and have fun at the same time, this is the item for you :)  I love it!

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