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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Smart Tea Infuser Review

Smart Tea Infuser Review

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***My Personal Review***

I have never been a tea drinker ... until I tried some Oolong tea in a great Chinese restaurant and fell in love!  And when I found out I could buy it in bulk I was thrilled until I realized it wasn't teabags it was the real herbs!  But then I thought about this tea infuser and realized I could use that and it worked out perfectly!  The infuser itself is made of shiny stainless steel and the top looks like a long stem made of high-quality and sturdy silicone.  When the silicone top is put on it creates an amazingly tight seal that even I have a hard time taking it off :)  Which means no yucky leaves or seeds in your tea.  The holes in the diffuser are small enough to allow just enough flavor into your tea :)  I am totally in love with this, I have used it five times in 2 days and realizing that for $2.50 I can get only 20 teabags but for $4.49 I got a tin of the real deal large enough to get at least 50 cups - so it is saving me money too!  Plus the little silicone stem has a slit in the end that will latch onto your cup to hold the infuser in place if you like to keep it in your tea.  The base will hold the infuser and keep the tea from dripping all over everything and also can be used to keep your tea warm.  It's the total set, I just love it!  I am telling everyone I know about it :)  And for just $13.95 this will last you forever and comes with a lifetime guarantee, you can't beat that.

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