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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blupure Ecofriendly 13 Stage Countertop Water Filter Review

Blupure Ecofriendly 13 Stage Countertop Water Filter Review

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***My Personal Review***

I love to have pure water but unfortunately in the city you don't always get that - and even though a case of bottles is not super expensive it adds up!  Especially when you are living on a budget and you can get water from the tap for nothing.  I like this because you can keep it right next to the sink and use it to make your water whenever you need it - you don't HAVE to have the filter working 24/7 - which in turn saves costs on filters.  It can be turned on and off easily so you don't have to let it work all the time.  I honestly wish I would have had this at my old place because the water there tasted and smelled horrible even with a water softener.  It filters out all the nasties in your water and I must say the taste of this water is amazing even compared to bottled water.  It is really easy to install - you can have someone install it by cutting a hole in your countertop OR you can just hook it up under the sink and keep it under there for use when you need it which is how I have been using it - but very easy and unique product :)

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