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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

All Times Finest Spiral Slicer Exclusive gift box Review

All Times Finest Spiral Slicer Exclusive gift box Review


***My Personal Review***

Who loves to play around with their food a little bit and make it super pretty?  Well now you can do that with vegetables - get the kids to eat healthier by making them some veggie noodles and they won't even know the difference!  This is a superbly manufactured spiral slicer that comes in a beautiful gift box but trust me you won't want to give it away!  No matter which size you like - whether it be the thin or thick pasta this will make both of them.  Made of stainless steel and food-grade plastic, this is one slicer that will NOT rust on you or get ruined.  You will have it as long as you need it.  Plus comes with a free ebook with lots of great recipes!  I found it extremely easy to twist out the veggies so even someone who does not have a lot of hand strength could use this.  It is very easy to clean this up and then it will store away in the black box for the next time you need it (which will be very soon) :)  Very high quality item, definitely a must-have for anyone who wants to get healthy and eat better but has trouble eating "ugly" foods.  I am not a veggie person but I love the way it makes everything look beautiful and made me want to eat stuff I wouldn't normally eat!  And for just $10.99 it's very inexpensive compared to other slicers.

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