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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pick Geek Guitar & Bass Pick Set Review

Pick Geek Guitar & Bass Pick Set Review

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***My Personal Review***

These are AWESOME guitar picks - they should be called Pick Awesome in my opinion!  They are gorgeous picks, very hip and all stamped with the Pick Geek logo in all different colors.  There are 2 types - they have solid colors and then they have the marbled ones which is what I received.  All different designs and you get 32 of them in very small "click and clack" round cases - it is so small that it will fit anywhere to keep your guitar picks safe and secure.  So for $15.99 you will get 16 celluloid picks in 4 different thicknesses and 16 tortex picks in 4 thicknesses.  So whatever your used to using there is an option in here for you - and if you are just starting out and aren't sure what your predilection is you have quite the amount of choices!  They are sturdy little picks - I gave some to my brother who plays guitar and he loved them, and a few to my niece who is learning - of course an 11 year old thought they were absolutely CUTE, and I kept some :)  This would be a great gift for yourself or for that "picker" in your life - inexpensive and authentic as well as hip and stylish.  I love the name, the packaging and the product - I would definitely choose these again for their high quality and brand name :)

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