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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easy@Home 10 Ovulation Tests Plus 2 early Pregnancy Review

Easy@Home 10 Ovulation Tests Plus 2 Early Pregnancy Review


***My Personal Review***

This is a great set to have if you are trying to get pregnant - you get 10 tests that will help you to know when you are prime for getting pregnant and then you also get 2 pregnancy tests so you can get those precious results!  Or on the other side you can use these to know when you are most likely to get pregnant if you are using birth control so you can have an extra backup.  Either way this is something that most women can use and need in their bathroom stash :)  These are nice too because you can use them midstream OR you can use a dipping cup - but you must make sure that the dipping cup is completely sterile or you can get tainted results.  The pregnancy tests come in a purple wrapper and the ovulation tests in a pink wrapper and they are individually wrapped so they stay sterile and safe until ready for use.  They are 99% accurate which is pretty great and at a cost of $12.80 for the ENTIRE 12 pieces they are WAY less expensive than the store-bought brands - even the
generics!  I wish I would have had these when I was trying to get pregnant with my 8 year old daughter because we tried and tried but back then ovulation kits sold OTC were just not there and we struggled for years and just finally got lucky.  These are really awesome though and if you are looking for a great product at low prices, this is what you want.  Head on over to Amazon and grab them up now.


Negative for Ovulation!

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