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Monday, March 23, 2015

Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner Review

Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner Review

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***My Personal Review***

2 full ounces of a great beard conditioner that helps give your beard shine and keep it hydrated.  This conditioner is jam-packed with some great ingredients that you would use in the greatest skincare products.  Because after all, if you are a beard connoisseur then you treat your beard and moustache just like you treat your hair right?  Some of the ingredients are shea butter, almond oil, argan and olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba and beeswax among other essential oils.  All of these you will find in the best haircare products you can buy.  You just scoop a little bit out and smooth it into your beard just like you would on your hair and watch the results.  This product will help get rid of itchiness in your beard as well.  Smooth Viking has other products as well on their website so be sure to check them out and get the full line of beard care products.

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