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Sunday, March 22, 2015

1.25oz Travel Bottles Review

1.25oz Travel Bottles Review

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***My Personal Review***

I absolutely love these little travel bottles!  I used them when I went to Washington DC for a few days for my shampoo, conditioner and also my hand lotion because the full bottle is so big.  These are great because the color coding helps distinguish what is in which bottle and the best part?  They have SUCTION CUPS on them ... so you can attach them to the shower!  Most hotels you stay in don't give you a lot of room to put stuff in the shower so these work great and less mess too :)  You get 4 bottles and they come in the traditional Dot and Dot bag, which is a really nice heavy vinyl zip bag with all their products - so in reality you are getting an extra to use with every item you purchase :)  I have tried several of D&D products including their small stackable bags and I have yet to find any flaws.  These bottles don't leak and they are super cute and stylish and meet all requirements for airline travel which we all know in todays society is very important.

These are made of silicone, which is completely awesome because they are NOT hard and they squeeze every little drop out of the container - no waste!  This is also an asset when they are wet because I am sure we have all dropped a container of shampoo or something on our toe which sucks!  I love this little set, I want to pick up a few more sets of them and use them for everything - I want to use them in our bathroom here at home because my daughter likes to take whatever she can find and squeeze everything out of it - which can be bad when you have expensive shampoos and soaps in your shower.  She loves to play with these in the tub too because she can fill them up with water easily and squirt them :)  So many uses, so little time!  Check out all of Dot and Dots items while you are browsing their website because you can pick up some great products for home storage and everything you can imagine :)

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