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Thursday, March 26, 2015

IPhone 6 Cases By Phengpro Review

IPhone 6 Cases By Phengpro Review

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***My Personal Review***

Super CUTE!  I don't know of any young girls who wouldn't want this case on their phone :)  It is so hip and awesome with the vibrant colors and the super fat lips all puckered up!  Very cool - I know a lot of older women who would just love this too though.  In fact I would consider this awesomesauce to use!  I received the yellow case with the pink lips but they also have 2 other case colors - a pretty blue and an icy glittery white/clear :)  I love the blue one I think it is really neat as well.  All have the pink lips and pink flowery logo on them - and they are 3D to where the lips jut out over the edge a bit and the details are amazing!  Made of a nice light silicone, it will bend but it is also very sturdy so if you drop your phone this case will protect it for sure.  It has all of the jack and port cutouts as well as the camera cutout on it so you can get to your buttons very easily.  You get a free screen protector with the case so you can have total protection front and back, and they give you a money back guarantee.  This case is for the iPhone 6 (4.7), it is not for the 6S.  So please make sure you have the correct model before you order.  But at $21.99 it's a very good price - I have paid this much or more for a cheap knockoff case!  It is good to note that the actual color of the cases are MUCH more vibrant - the pics don't do them justice :) 

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