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Thursday, March 26, 2015

ABX Yoga Towel Review

ABX Yoga Towel Review

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***My Personal Review***

This is a great yoga towel - it really wicks away the moisture from sweating and keeps you safe from falling.  This towel is different from all other yoga towels I have seen - it has dots on the bottom to really give it a good grip - they sort of look like paint dots but they really work well!  Comes wrapped in a nice black mesh bag so you can roll it up and put it away easily - and the mesh on the bag keeps the towel from getting moldy while you carry it home to wash it.  This towel is made from microfiber like most yoga towels, but it is lighter and thinner than others, and it also is made with a specific design to get rid of odors (because we all know we sweat when we exercise).  It also has a pocket on one corner for tissues or a small blotting towel so you don't lose it.  Plus if you grab one now you get a free gift!  You will get access to the 60 minute intermediate yoga class :)  And they back their product up with a guarantee - and this is a much better towel than any I have seen so far :)

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