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Sunday, March 15, 2015

BCube Review

BCube Review

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***My Personal Review***

I love power :)  Who doesn't?  Especially when your phone or tablet is dying and you are freaking out because you have a call you can't miss or that game you might lose because you can't play.  For me it's my phone because it's my only phone and my daughters iPad because it keeps her busy and she goes nuts when it dies on her.  So when we are in the car or out somewhere that we can't to a plug and we need power this is great!  I have about 5 power banks that I always keep charged, and I really love this one compared to most of them because it's bigger but still very light and it gives one full charge quickly without taking forever.  Plus it's easy because it doesn't have a long cord and so you can keep both the cube and your phone in your pocket or purse together while they charge.  Plus this is a universal device, it will work with any device that has a USB cord so for the Apple iPad Minis or just the mini-USB cords.  It will give one FULL charge and then will just need to be charged back up when you get home - the greatest part of this one is that it comes with it's own dock :)  I leave mine on the chargers and grab an go :)  Can't beat them for mobile power whenever you need it and no matter where you are!

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