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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Perfectly Natural Soap [100% Natural 98% Organic] Review

Perfectly Natural Soap [100% Natural 98% Organic] Review

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***My Personal Review***

I have been using this in my bathroom for about a week and I already want about 30 more bottles!  I love Foxbrim skin care products but this is the first soap from them I have been lucky enough to try and I fell in love instantly.  I normally buy the cheap stuff from the store and it works, but I always noticed it leaves your hands feeling hard and a lot of times a little unclean.  You will NOT have that unclean feeling after using this soap - you can literally feel it when it gives you the proper lather that is expected of soap.  And being all-natural just makes it that much better :)  It doesn't have a harsh smell, it smells clean and natural - no there isn't the Cherry Blossom or Citrus scents you will find at the market but it's not necessary to get a good clean - those are just extras.  I was actually surprised at the size of this bottle - we normally go through at least one bottle of soap each week in the bathroom with just me and my daughter and we don't usually get a great lather which is something I like because she is still potty-training and she needs to learn how to really scrub the germs away.  This soap bottle still feels full and the pump gives you just the perfect amount each time.  You can't go wrong looking for Foxbrim products, they are awesome and I have not been disappointed yet :)

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