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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Set of 2 16oz BPA-Free Double-Wall Mugs Review

Set of 2 16oz BPA-Free Double-Wall Mugs Review

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***My Personal Review***

I really don't know what else to say about these except they are AWESOME!  Recently took a train trip to Washington DC (a 14 hour train trip there and back) and I took both of these for my mom and I to use because they looked SO easy to use.  We barely put these down the entire trip, even in our hotel room!  The handles are great, they are just far enough out so that you can hang these from a bag or your coat pocket - which we did many times and NEVER once had one of them leak.  Now I have several regular mugs with no handle but this is the first one I have had that has a flip-top that opens up and closes so easily and stays in place with no leaking.  I plan to use these all the time, I really want to get a few more sets to just store so when I wear these out I have new ones :)  I really like them THAT much.  The top twists off easily but holds great and the bottom grips really well to whatever you sit it on.  They didn't slip, and they definitely keep drinks hot or cold.  I put one beside my bed full of ice and a little water and in the morning I have ice water when I get up!  It's awesome, and the double set is great - you can keep one and give one away or keep them both for yourself so you have one when one is dirty :)  Make sure when you order on Amazon that you get the ones with the lion crest on the front!  And as you can see from the picture below we used them at our conference too :)

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