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Friday, March 20, 2015

Biontek Power Bank Charger Review

Biontek Power Bank Charger Review

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***My Personal Review***

I have about 6 different mobile power banks and chargers now and I love them all - a few years ago it was something that you didn't hear about much - but now I see them all the time.  They are awesome, we all know how smartphones drain energy SO fast if you use any of the apps and you are always running out at the wrong time and it always seems to be in a place where you can't plug in and recharge easily.  Biontek has created a great power bank for those times that you can use to give your phone or device up to THREE full charges rather than just one!  Plus it's no bigger than the size of an iPod!  I keep all of mine on the chargers and when I leave the house I throw a few in my purse and then I know I have them for my phone and my daughters iPad when I need it.  She uses her iPad all the time so she is constantly running it down and then gets so anxious and upset when she can't get it to work.  The power banks have been lifesavers :)  And I know so many people who have phones that are always dying at the wrong time that can really use one of these.  The Biontek has 6000 mAh which is a very large amount of power for you, most chargers you are lucky to get one full phone charge - this one will do 3!  And it comes with a lifetime guarantee so you are covered if anything happens.  This is a definite must-have for any family who has kids and devices and smartphones and are on the go.  You simply charge it by plugging the USB cord into the wall charger or computer and the mini-USB into the power bank.  Then switch the cord around to use it with your device.  That is the beauty of the mini-USB phones - they are universal and can be used with all these great new devices!

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