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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Harry Potter Time Turner Twin Necklace Set Gold and Silver Reviews

Harry Potter Time Turner Twin Necklace Set Gold and Silver Reviews

Link to my review of Time Turner on Amazon:


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Link to Silver Time Turner on Amazon

***My Personal Review***

I just got these but I am already SO in love with them!  I love how the necklaces turn just like the real ones from Harry Potter, and the writing along the edges is awesome :)  Very well made necklaces but lightweight and the gold color is gorgeous!  They have a really nice long necklace on them which is great for me I have a big neck LOL :)  So realistic with the twirling and the hourglass really works.  The second necklace is a triangular shape with a line through the center and the circle at the bottom spins so either necklace is going to be great to wear for any occasion but I love the smaller triangle necklace for classier events.  Definitely will be a must-have when people see you wearing it!  Your choice, they have gold and silver both :)  The gold necklaces are gold plated and 23cm long.  The silver necklaces are silver plated at 23cm long.  Now you too can look just like a real wizard!  And at only $16.99 WAY less expensive than the other brands but look just as good!  Or get both of them for $31.98 :)

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