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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunraze Sunglasses

Sunraze Sunglasses

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***My Personal Review***

These are some awesome inexpensive sunglasses.  They fit perfectly and I have a big head so anyone can wear them - they might be a bit big on kids though.  I ordered the black frames with pink sides and orange tint and they are beautiful!  They have several styles and colors to choose from and they are really dark, it's 100% UV Polycarbonate lenses.  I am not attracted to the newer slim metal frames that they have now, I prefer the older style look like I had as a kid.  And these fit that bill perfectly!  They look like something right out of the 80's which is totally awesome :)  They say everything vintage is new again and they are right!  And these are NOT flimsy sunglasses like the ones you buy at the store - they are heavy and sturdy and they bend without breaking.  So go grab a few pair now and get your summer started great!!!!

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