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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Forever Fused Infusion Water Bottle Review

Forever Fused Infusion Water Bottle Review

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***My Personal Review***

For this review I received the blue color with no logo - just plain clear goodness!  I have a few infusion water bottles but this was the first one that you loaded the water and extras at the bottom.  I love infusing my water because I love water but love it even more and can drink more of it when there is flavoring added :)  And this way is SO much healthier and versatile because the companies aren't choosing what is in your water - YOU are.  You can use fruits and herbs or just fruit, try new and unique flavor combinations or get recipes online.  I personally love strawberry flavor and I also love a combination of lemon/lime and a few herbs.  The best way to use these bottles is to get your fruits ready and stack them into the infuser then add your water and shake a bit - refrigerate overnight or at least a few hours to really get the good flavor and then grab and go!  It's simple and really easy anyone can do it and be more healthy :)  So head on over to Amazon by clicking on the image at the top of the page and grab your favorite color(s) now and always have one on hand to make sure you stay hydrated the yummy way :)

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