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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

7 pcs Makeup Brushes Set w/ Stylish Case Review

7 pcs Makeup Brushes Set w/ Stylish Case Review

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***My Personal Review***

If you don't have a makeup brush set like this then you need to go get one ... now!  Wait, read my review first :)  I am not someone who wears a lot of makeup but I have started wearing more since getting this set.  It has every type of brush you need - blush, eye shadow, lipliner and more.  You can't go wrong with Xtava products, they are made of quality materials and this one comes with a really awesome carrying case to hold all of your brushes and is great for travelling.  I had no idea there were so many brushes needed - I always just used one for everything LOL!  And this set would be great for a first-timer like me or someone who is a true makeup artist!  I have a lot of friends that would just love this!  I think it is a great set for just $18.00 considering everything you get.  So ... now that you have read my review go get a set for you and one for a gift!

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