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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

3 x Power Banks Review

3 x Power Banks Review

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***My Personal Review***

These are 3 awesome and powerful portable chargers/power banks.  There is one for every person from small and lightweight to larger and more powerful.  The smallest one is about the size of a large lipstick container and puts out 2600 mAh and will charge your phone or device in a few hours and you can put it in your pocket easily.  It will charge one device at a time and it actually charges my phone about twice before needing to be recharged.

The medium sized one is 5200 mAh and it will charge just one device at a time as well.  However with double the capacity it will also charge your device several times before recharge.  The largest one will charge two devices at once which is amazing and has a 10400 mAh capacity so you will get a couple charges from each device more often than not.  It is like the trinity of perfection power banks :)

I love to keep them all charged and if I am going somewhere alone I grab the small or medium one ... but if I have my daughter with me I will grab the larger one because it can charge my phone and her iPad at the same time so neither of our devices go dead on us.  And if your kid is like my kid then you know that their device going dead is like the end of the world for a kid! 

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