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Saturday, May 30, 2015

CowBell for Cheering at Sporting Events Review

CowBell for Cheering at Sporting Events Review

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***My Personal Review***

I LOVE this!  I am a cheerleader for our local Derby Girl team and we love to hand out cowbells and people bring their own just to cheer our girls on :)  So even though mine is white I am going to paint it red to match our colors, throw some glitter on it and put some FWDG stickers on it to personalize it!  These are just so cool and they come in all colors - they are very big cowbells and trust me they will make plenty of noise so you can root for your favorite team.  9.6 inches to be exact!  Very large comfortable handle so you can hold on to it easily and shake it shake it.  They even sell "cowbelts" so you can holster your big ole' bell to use whenever you want!  So go and grab up one or more of your favorite teams colors and make them ring :)  They even sell cheesy bells that say "Ring for a Kiss" that can be used at weddings or parties - customize and personalize your very own!

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