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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mpow iSnap X One-piece U-Shape Selfie Stick Review and Giveaway!

Mpow iSnap X One-piece U-Shape Selfie Stick Review and Giveaway!

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***My Personal Review***

I have never been a big one for taking selfies until recently.  And I could not figure out how people take such masterful pictures of themselves while holding the phone!  I seriously can't do it LOL they come out terrible.  So then one day I discovered the selfie stick while searching and I was like WOW so maybe that is how they do it!  So I applied for this review to try one of these awesome little sticks and I am thrilled at how well they work.  Not only can you take selfies with these but I have also seen people using them while taking tours to get better pictures and lots of other places.  Most selfie sticks you just insert your phone or camera onto the end of the stick and secure it to take pics.  This one has a great feature in that the stick collapses and it also has a 270 degree rotation on the stand.  The rotation gives you unlimited ways to take your selfies - even upside down :)  And it does fit easily into a bag once collapsed.  This is truly an awesome thing that every person who takes pictures with their phone needs!  Especially if you are addicted to selfies :)

Want to win one of these awesome little gadgets????  Enter using the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win 1 of 2 Mpow Selfie Sticks!



  1. I would love to try the Selfie Stick. I am always trying to take selfie pictures with the background being visable and due to having short arms, its difficult to do so. This would give me the chance to take some awesome pictures. I would love to try out the feature of taking pictures upside down too. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  2. hi,I am kara from 1byone,we are here to ask you help us review products,hope can get your help,thanks,hope your reply

    1. Thomas Kara if you are interested please email me at I will look over your proposal and see if it is something I would be interested in as well. Thanks.


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