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Monday, May 25, 2015

Garcinia Cambogia Extract with 80% HCA Review

Garcinia Cambogia Extract with 80% HCA Review

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***My Personal Review***

I have tried a few of the OTC weight loss pills and they were HORRID.  One of them made me feel like I was having a heart attack and I was ready to go to the hospital until I realized what it was.  I hate those jittery feelings, I have enough anxiety already so to have a product that works well without those nasty side effects is amazing.  I don't know a lot about HCA but apparently it is a compound in Garcinia Cambogia and the more of this that is in the pill the better the product will work.  Nourishing Well Garcinia is 80% HCA - that is extremely high!  This is a great formula of Garcinia for losing weight and getting healthy.  The product I received was 180 tablets which is a 45 day supply if you take it as recommended, which is 4 pills per day.  You can start with 1 pill a day and work up, see how it works for you and then tweak your dosage - but do not take more than the recommended dosage per day.  This product is also recommended by Dr Oz which gives me more faith in it as well because he is well known for being a health guru.  I have to say that I would recommend this product to others who are trying to lose weight and be able to say that it works without causing harm :)

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