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Monday, May 11, 2015

Cashmere Falls Heavenly Hydration Review

Cashmere Falls Heavenly Hydration Review

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***My Personal Review***

Just the name of this was enough to tempt me to try it!  When you think of Cashmere what comes to mind?  Silky, smooth, beautiful and soft for me - which is everything you want in a hair treatment.  This one is a no-drip solution and there are no nasty residues left over and the Moroccan Argan Oil is simply amazing in so many products but especially for hair.  I love to use it right after my shower - my hair dries fast because it is short and it gets oily too - but I have noticed that this treatment done every night has cut down on split ends, oil and it has really made my hair look sleek and yet soft at the same time.  I no longer use conditioners, just this.  I just take a few drops on my fingers and run it through my hair and just let it sink in while it dries :)  Definitely the best hair treatment I have ever come across - I have always had to use conditioners and not having to use them is such a great thing!  This does way more than any conditioner I have tried - so give it a whirl :)  Your hair will definitely thank you!!!

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