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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Everlast Nutrition Review + Giveaway

Everlast Nutrition Review + Giveaway



***My Personal Review***

For this review I received 1 box of Everlast Lean shake mixes - there are 7 packets per box so it is a 7 day supply.  I need to lose weight but unfortunately I don't have the income to pay for expensive diets or gyms.  So I decided to try out some of the shakes and exercise at home to see if that helps.  I normally find that diet shakes are not the greatest, but these are so easy and they actually taste like a regular milkshake which helps a LOT because it's like having dessert for breakfast!  If you own a smoothie maker or one of those bullet machines it makes it even easier for you.  They also sell other items that will supplement the drinks.  I have found that the shakes actually DO help stop my appetite from being so bad and I work from home so I am sitting all day which makes it very difficult for me to stop eating.  But I don't like the OTC or prescription medications because they contain caffeine or other products and can make you jittery and can harm you in the end.  It's not worth it, so I wanted to try something that was healthier for me.  The shakes contain 15 vitamins and minerals like A, C, D, E, K, Iron, Calcium and B6 as well as many more - so it's like you are getting that multi-vitamin as well as the appetite suppressant.  Check out their website and see if these can work for you and make sure to check with your doctor before taking supplements :)

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