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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Medical Alert ID Bracelets Review

Medical Alert ID Bracelets Review
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***My Personal Review***

Medical Alert bracelets are amazing for people who have life-threatening illnesses - if someone you love passes out or is unconscious for some reason these could literally save their life.  I have seen shows on tv where they bring people in from accidents and they are ready to do a procedure and then BAM they see a bracelet and it changes everything.  Whether it be an allergy or to inform people of a condition someone has - like my daughter has Williams syndrome and even though she looks like any other 8 year old, she can't tell you her full name, can only get parts of her address out and could not write her name or anything else for people.  So if she were to be in a situation where I was unconscious having one of these bracelets could tell people her name and that she is developmentally delayed.

Same for autistic children - it could tell people what alarms them and help them avoid a total meltdown.  You definitely need to check these out if you have ANYTHING that these could be used for because you can buy ready-made bracelets or tags as well as customize your own!  Whatever you want or need they can do it :)  They even have them for pregnant women!  Plus they are water resistant and comfortable to wear because they are just like the silicone awareness bracelets people wear all the time.  They also have a lot of other great items so check them all out!

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