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Thursday, September 17, 2015

US Art Supply Artist Wood Storage Box with Drawers

US Art Supply Artist Wood Storage Box with Drawers

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***My Personal Review***

A nice sturdy box for keeping all of your artists needs, this is lightweight but durable and has plenty of room as it is 16" Wide x 8" Deep x 6-1/8" Tall and has inserts that you can move if needed.  The top portion is removable so it's a lot like a tackle box and it has all the space you need for your supplies.  US Art Supply has several sets for starters including an acrylic and an oil paint set with everything you need - and this box can be used to keep it all together :)  It has a nice carrying handle and clasps to keep it securely closed.  You can carry it anywhere you need!  And this is also great for other needs like sewing or other tools so you can definitely find a use for it :)  And just $29.96 is a great deal for a nice box like this!

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