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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Amara Vitamin C Cleanser

Amara Vitamin C Cleanser

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***My Personal Review***

We all know that Vitamin C is great for your health and skin but this product goes far above and beyond by adding a ton of great ingredients all of which has been shown in recent years to be extremely beneficial to the skin.  A few are Olive Oil, Organic Rosa Rose Hip Oil, Borage Oil, Orange Peel Tincture, Oregano Oil, Tea Tree Oil.  It really helps with bags under your eyes and reduces age spots and/or sun spots, in addition to making your skin more smooth and pliable.  This really leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and renewed.  It's easy to use with your daily ritual - just use it on your wet skin and rub in - then wash off.  Then you should use your normal creams or lotions or other leave on serums.

I have extremely dry skin and I have tried all the lotions, serums, creams and more out there and haven't had much luck.  I am 39 but I still have "teenager" skin which means a lot of acne.  I don't know if my hormones are off-balance or what, but it is SO frustrating and very embarrassing to me.  I did find that when I used this product it helped control that acne a little bit.  So I can imagine that continued and regular use would really help and I am definitely going to keep going!  It is nice just to have smooth and pretty skin.  Plus with all the amino acids and antioxidants in this serum I know my skin is getting healthier and that is something I can't put a price on!

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