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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nimnyk Pink Stripes Diaper Bag With Owl Cartoon

Nimnyk Pink Stripes Diaper Bag With Owl Cartoon

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***My Personal Review***

This is such a cute bag - I don't have an infant but my 8 year old daughter has Williams syndrome, so she is still in pull ups and is not yet potty trained.  So I still have to carry a diaper bag with me for her.  I love owls and I collect them so this appealed to me for that and also I love the stripe pattern on the bag too.

It has a really nice adjustable strap and pockets on both ends as well as a bottle pocket on the front and then inside you get a fold up changing pad and a plastic/vinyl bag that can be used for dirty diapers or anything that might be wet.  The bag is large and fits perfectly on the bag of most strollers and you can get it in boy or girl colors so it would make a perfect baby gift :)  This is one that I wish I would have had when my daughter was an infant but I am thrilled to have it now too :)

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