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Thursday, September 17, 2015

US Art Supply 17-Piece Oil Painting Set

US Art Supply 17-Piece Oil Painting Set

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***My Personal Review***

Have kids who want to get into painting or do you want to try it?  This is the perfect starter kit for anyone - you get a full palette of oil colors, the actual palette to use which is a lightweight artists palette for you to hold, and you also get 3 brush sizes as well as one canvas to start with.  This would make a perfect gift for birthday or Christmas and for only $13.96 to find out whether you like it or not isn't a bad price to spend!  There are 12 colors, each 12 mL so not a lot in them but enough to get you started.  They also sell watercolor sets as well as acrylic paint sets so pick the one you want most.  I found this to be a very good quality starter set and the brushes are nice and hard bristled so you will have full control over your art pieces :)

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