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Thursday, September 24, 2015

5-pack Crafts Pom Poms/Tissue Paper Flowers

5-pack Crafts Pom Poms/Tissue Paper Flowers

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***My Personal Review***

These are the absolute BEST!  I have always loved tissue flowers I think they are just beautiful and I always wanted to just go nuts decorating my bedroom with them but back when I was a kid they didn't have these and I could never find out how to make them without the internet.  So when these came up for review I couldn't resist since my bedroom is pink and brown (and yes I am 39 but give me a break pushing 40 here teehee).  So I got them today and my mom put the first one together and she had no idea what to do except with the instructions and she did amazing said it was really easy :)

So I tried one on my video and it is very easy!  You just separate the parts and start pulling up the tissue paper edges piece by piece and in about 5 minutes you have a huge flower!  They have large and small ones for whatever you want and these are great for weddings, bday parties, baby showers and just decorating.  You could add a stick to the bottoms and make bouquets, just go crazy and have fun :)

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