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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Apple Watch Stand Review

Apple Watch Stand Review
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***My Personal Review***

This is a great product if you have both an Apple Watch and an iPhone or almost any smartphone.  It is a nice small stand that will allow you to hold your watch and also has a slot on top to sit your phone.  This is not a charger, but it does provide a nice safe place for your stuff without spending a lot of money - just $9.99 at Amazon.  It comes in 4 hues including walnut and beech and also one that has both beech and walnut.

They are very elegant and are sturdy and made of real wood so they won't fall apart.  This will fit any iPhone model, so if your phone is comparable to the same size as any iPhone it should work with this.  This will work with the Apple Watch 38 mm and 42 mm.  They also offer a great money back guarantee but you won't want to use it once you see this item!  It has a very sleek and expensive look :)

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