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Monday, September 28, 2015

Lulu Jr. Helps Kids Publish Their Own Comic Books

Lulu Jr. Helps Kids Publish Their Own Comic Books

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***My Personal Review***

Do your kids love comic books?  Are they artistic and always drawing?  Well then this is the perfect gift for them!  A package that allows them to creat their OWN comic book and design everything themselves :)  You get a box that includes a set of 10 markers, pen, pencil, eraser and sharpener as well as a pre-made comic book that they can color in and then on top of that they will received approximately 20 pages that is ready made for them to create a comic book! 

All they have to do is design and color it in and then you get everything you need to register online and send in the comic book pages so they can have their own comic book that is made by them!  This is possibly one of the most awesome gifts I can think of for someone who loves comics and wants to make their own!  For just $29.99 to buy the package it is well worth it :)  Get them what they want and let them enjoy and learn!

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