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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Large, Thick Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle

Large, Thick Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle

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***My Personal Review***

Great sized cutting board that is perfect for cutting any kind of meats or vegetables and has a groove all the way around the outer edge that will collect any juices from your foods.  This is a natural bamboo board that is perfect for meats because it has natural antibacterial properties that helps you keep your food safe for eating.  But I think my favorite aspect of this cutting board is that the bamboo will stop the dulling of your knives and it doesn't get marks in it that allow for bacteria to enter and procreate.  It has a really nice handle on the end for hanging up and for carrying because this also doubles as a very nice serving tray!  The logo is burned into the wood and the bamboo has a beautiful look to it.  This is a heavy board, it weighs a little over 2 pounds so it's heavy enough to last you a long time :)

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