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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mini Blue Salon Cushion Board Nail Files 120/240

Mini Blue Salon Cushion Board Nail Files 120/240

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***My Personal Review***

Great pack of mini files for a deal!  I love to do my nails and as I also have OCD I tend to need a nail file all the time because my nails are never perfect.  So these are perfect because they are tiny but get the job done and they have a nice rough side to really get your nails filed down but the softer side does a super job of profiling your nails.  These come in a pack of 12, 50 and 100 and the 50 pack is just $10.00.  You can't go to a store and get 50 nail files for that price, you usually get about 3 for $1.00 if you are lucky.  Grab a pack of these now and you won't have to buy files for a long time.  Plus if you own a salon these are a great deal for your employees to use.  Salon quality at home!  And very pretty blue colors so you know which side is rough and which is softer.  Pick up a pack now :)  Makes great stocking stuffers for young girls too!

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