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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Adult Birds Coloring Book

Adult Birds Coloring Book

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***My Personal Review***

This is a great book for any adult who needs to relieve some stress or even if you just love to color but kids books just don't cut it!  The intricacy of the images and the beautiful birds just make it that much better.  You can make masterpieces with your hands!  I suggest using colored pencils or colored pens because they have sharper edges for the smaller parts.  I used a set of colored pens that did wonderful and they didn't bleed through but they came in glitter colors as well which added a really pretty glow to my pages.  I love this book, and right now Tali has one other book called Sea Life which is gorgeous too and it is just $1.99.  Right NOW this Amazing Birds book is FREE on Amazon - click on the image above to pick it up.  Can't say how long it will be free so do it now :)  The nice part about these books is that they can be printed as many times as you want - you NEVER run out!  Just print them off again and again and this is great to teach older kids how to really do small areas too.  Are you still reading?  Why???  Go, RUN and grab this now :D

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  1. This coloring book looks like fun! I love coloring with or without my kids.


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