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Saturday, September 19, 2015

FlipStir Puzzle - #ShakeStirSolve for the family

FlipStir Puzzle - #ShakeStirSolve for the family

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***My Personal Review***

Hours of fun for the entire family!  This is a great way to increase dexterity as well as memory - you have a tube with the puzzle and all you have to maneuver it is a metal rod with a "foot" on it.  You have to flip and stir and do whatever is needed to find the answer - and remember that once you get a few pieces in place it just becomes that much more diffcult to shake and stir it!  Don't want those good pieces falling out of place.  Takes a lot of time and concentration but could very easily be a family game, each person gets so long to try to solve it then the next person goes :)  Go check out their website and choose your favorites :)

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