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Monday, September 21, 2015

Period Starter Kit

Period Starter Kit

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***My Personal Review***

Do you have a daughter who may be starting their "aunt flo" soon or is a little scared?  This is a great and inexpensive little starter kit that can help you show them what it is like and give them information that they will need.  It all comes in a nice little sequined bag and you get 2 tampons, 1 pantyliner, a disposable bag and a moist wipe so they are prepared for their first time and it also includes a brochure with more information.  It's a scary thing when you start without knowing about it, so get them prepared now so that they will be ready and not terrified.  Make it a fun girls night or something and this comes in a nice little polka dot tissue paper package so it can be a little gift and you can add things to it for her!  Only $6.99 on Amazon for this cute little package :)

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