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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Autism & Special Needs Music DVD and CD

Autism & Special Needs Music DVD and CD

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***My Personal Review***

My daughter is 8 and she has Williams syndrome which has a lot of the same characteristics of Down syndrome and autism with developmental delays.  However WS individuals are HIGHLY in tune to music and sound and my daughter is no exception.  Needless to say she loves this DVD because it has music and the guy plays guitar, she just gravitates towards anything like that.

Most of her life she has watched tv shows and music videos for kids more than most children and it has actually taught her a great deal just from the songs.  I really liked this DVD because it has other special needs kids on it and they teach the kids to do things through exercise.  Highly recommended for anyone with a special needs kid and really great for autistic kids :)  Give them something they can use to learn without having to watch YouTube.

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