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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Toy Kids and Toddler Shopping Cart

Toy Kids and Toddler Shopping Cart

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***My Personal Review***

Does your child like to play with their dolls and love to pretend they are shopping?  Well this is the perfect gift for them - it's a toddler sized shopping cart that is not made of plastic like most - it looks real but it has the pink pieces to give it some style!  It has a little place for a baby doll so they can pretend to go shopping with their baby dolls and it's big enough to fill with toy groceries.  This is a great addition to any kitchen or playhouse they have or just to get them started :)  PLUS this comes with a set of groceries so you are all set!  My daughter loves to pretend to shop so she loves just pushing this around and sticking whatever she wants in it!  She likes to get into our pantry and grab stuff so it is more real to her.  However they want to play this is great :)  It even has the bottom piece where you would put large items!  Very realistic looking, any kid would just love it and check out their other items to go with it while you are checking out :)

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