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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Crown Coast Heavy Duty Umbrella

Crown Coast Heavy Duty Umbrella
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***My Personal Review***

I am super excited, I received my new umbrella in the mail and I know it's crazy to be this excited about an umbrella, but you have to check it out!  It's awesome because not only is it fully wind-tunnel tested up to 60 mph ... but with one click of the button it opens and then another click it CLOSES.  Then all you have to do is push down the rod to snap it back into place.  It is super easy to use and comes in several pretty colors like yellow, red, blue, turquoise and of course black and white.  I could tell immediately it was well made and sturdy as it had the solidness you would expect from a really good umbrella and while it is heavy it is not too heavy.  It has the wrist strap to hold on, but my favorite part by far is the ability to close it by button.  It is really a nice compact umbrella when it's closed so it would easily fit into a small bag or purse.  I was in need of a new umbrella and this fit the bill perfectly!  Very excited :)  Go pick one up as a gift today!

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